Do you work with clients who require mortgages to purchase property, funding to purchase business assets, business owners looking for business loans towards working capital or tax? Are you:

  • A Solicitor working with Intellectual Property Clients? Then READ ON
  • A Solicitor working with in Family Law, such as divorcees? Then READ ON
  • A Real Estate Agent working within Property Management? Then READ ON
  • A Real Estate Agent Selling Homes and Commercial Property? Then READ ON
  • A Developer or Builder who constructs property? Then READ ON
  • A Car Yard selling cars and trucks and any type of equipment? Then READ ON
  • An Accountant dealing with clients Tax Returns? Then READ ON
  • A Financial Planner who DOES NOT OFFER MORTGAGES? Then READ ON
  • An Insolvency or Reconstruction Lawyer? Then READ ON
  • A Lending Institutions, who only offers own product line? Then READ ON
  • A Service Business offering their clients finance Funding Solutions for their services or products, such as Shop Fitouts, etc.? Then READ ON

eFinance Home Loans specializes in ALL FORMS OF FUNDING, not just mortgages. We offer a service of working with Affiliate Partners to offer funding solutions to there clients as an extension to their business. By doing so it provides a solution to there business by way of not resourcing the necessary skillsets and knowledge and time to set up this, but provides a running start with all of the legislative requirements under the NCCP Credit Act and is fully disclosed to the Affiliates clients at all applications.

How it works? If you have clients seeking finance as a business and are GST registered and have an Australian Registered ABN, then you can offer finance funding solutions to your clients as an extension to your business services. It pays commission as an UPFRONT commission as a % – 1 month after the client’s finance application settles and an ongoing TRAIL income as a % on a monthly basis from the 2nd month after settlement of the client’s finance application for the life of the loan. As a business registered Affiliate Partner then you would be receiving a % of this for the life of the loan. The RCTI (Recipient Created Tax Invoice) would be emailed to your nominated business email address on a monthly basis for tax purposes and the commission banked to your nominated bank account once the Affiliate Partnership paperwork has been completed and accepted by eFinance Home Loans.

With so many different lenders and credit providers to choose from, you may decide to get a finance or mortgage broker to do the legwork for you. eFinance Home Loans can help you find out about suitable loans or credit packages and arrange special deals. An eFinance Home Loans broker negotiates with banks, credit unions and other credit providers on the client’s behalf to arrange loans for your clients.

These services can improve your bottom line and improve your profit margins by offering these services to your clients. Attached is a NCCP Referral Guide for you to review and complete.

Contact eFinance Home Loans today to discuss how your business can be offering Funding Solutions as an extension to YOUR business and how you can be earning extra income TODAY!

Referral Affiliate NCCP Guide and Commission Matrix:

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