Testimonials from our happy Customers

Listen to what some of our Happy Customers are saying about the Professional Service from eFinance Home Loans :

“Our eFinance Home Loans Broker helped finance an investment property that I acquired recently. It was the first time I had used a finance broker and the experience rated as Excellent. The transaction was complicated because I was buying a property from a developer who had already sold the property to a buyer who could not settle on completion. There were 3 parties to the sale/purchase. Whilst I had engaged a conveyancer to assist with it, I was dismayed by the lack of advice he provided.

eFinance Home Loans not only helped with the finance on the property but the Broker went above and beyond to guide me through the whole negotiation process with the developer and the seller. From the inception of the loan application through and including the finalization of mortgage, the service was professional, exceptional and unique. I valued the Broker’s input with future finance and investments I make. It is a great pleasure to work with someone with such high integrity and professionalism. If you are serious about investing, I would highly recommend you speak to eFinance Home Loans .”

Patricia from Sydney City NSW

“I approached eFinance Home Loans 12 months ago because our business was expanding and we needed to restructure our finances. We were referred by our local accountant and were very pleased with the outcome and exceptional service we received. With myself being ‘just a worker’ I found that our eFinance Home Loans Broker took the time to really get to know us and our business, which gave me every confidence that not just our financial restructure was well understood but also my comfort level. One thing I was drawn to was the professionalism, expertise and attention to detail our eFinance Home Loans Broker provided. Our eFinance Home Loans Broker regularly provided updates and has always been available to answer any questions or to explain options. I found the experience positive and helpful and appreciate the guidance that our Broker has provided in helping us make sound financial decisions. I would recommend eFinance Home Loans to people in the business world who need guidance and support with financial decisions.”

John from Nowra NSW

“I met my eFinance Home Loans Broker about five years before I became his client. He would come to my café with his parents for a day out, and he would spoil them rotten with his tender loving care. It was by coincidence that I realized he was an eFinance Home Loans Broker, I was looking to purchase property, and began to hold meetings at my café with other finance brokers, when he overheard the conversation and politely asked me if he could be of assistance. Since that day I have never looked back. He absolutely blew me away with his understanding and knowledge of wealth creation, how easy it can be when someone like this takes the time to educate, guide and mentor you through good times and testing times, with that in built T.L.C. he possesses.

My broker treats me more like a friend than a client. He advises me on investments and other financial related matters based on my needs rather than promoting products for his advantage. His professionalism is displayed through the consistent updates of my investments portfolio, putting me at ease amid my busy life. It is a comfort to know that my investments are in good hands as he goes above the call of duty to help me deal with all the challengers I face in the investment world.

To sum up, I will trust my eFinance Home Loans Broker with every penny I save, his honesty, integrity and reliability is a rare commodity in his line of work. I usually refrain from making recommendations, in this case, I have no problem recommending eFinance Home Loans.”

Steve from Ramsgate NSW

“I can thoroughly recommend eFinance Home Loans. eFinance Home Loans offers a comprehensive service to his clients and is committed to securing the best deal possible for them. Difficult applications are what they cut their teeth on. A very professional operation”

Dean – Solicitor from Miranda NSW

” We contacted eFinance Home Loans Broker after we opted for a Home and Land package. Yes Indeed it was a big risk and to be honest, it was the path that many would have not taken. Our case was a complex one due to the natures we were self employed, husband on spouse visa and it is construction loan (off the plan). Yes we did ask around but no one is willing to help us during that time. Pressure’s on because we know we got to work harder to ensure the family business was profitable enough and the financial documents were well presented to the lender. eFinance Home Loans Broker worked really hard and yes very pushy but in a positive and good way to ensure everything is on track. eFinance Home Loans Broker really knows their stuff . When things were not going as planned due to the things out of our control , lender last minute policy change, lender got to wait for 2-3 approvals, eFinance Home Loans Broker tackled the issue promptly! eFinance Home Loans Broker even helped us with refinancing our loan before the construction start and now we are very happy ! I strongly recommended eFinance Home Loans and no doubt they are willing to help you!  Thank you very much . “

Nur Shairah & Amar, Leppington NSW

“I had the pleasure of dealing with eFinance Home Loans to refinance a commercial property. To say that the particulars of my situation were difficult would be an understatement but thanks to eFinance Home Loans we were able to achieve an excellent outcome at a much better rate and with much greater flexibility. The positive outcome that we achieved can be directly attributed to our eFinance Home Loans Broker’s extensive experience and pure determination and perseverance to see the deal all the way through. I couldn’t be happier with our result and can’t recommend eFinance Home Loans highly enough.”

Monte from Arncliffe NSW

“I do say your the best. Our eFinance Home Loans Broker was a cut above the rest. He went above and beyond for us. It didn’t matter what time of day or night, 7 days a week, he was always available, reliable and friendly. Our Broker even made several visits to our home after business hours in order to ensure we were in good hands and following the best possible investment plan for our growing family.

Due to an existing portfolio that needed some focus, there was a complexity to our portfolio that he undertook with ease. He honestly worked tremendously to identify any gaps and achieved a seamless approval process, as well as working with the lender to achieve a great result.

We will go no further for our next investment than eFinance Home Loans and would recommend their tireless services to anyone. “

Gavin and Corrine from Byron Bay NSW

“For us the choice was easy, meeting with our eFinance Home Loan broker made everything so clear. Our broker was concise and straight to the point on what was our best options. Keeping us updated every step of the process was a quality that made us feel at ease. We now have all that we dreamed of thanks to eFinance Home Loans ”

Reece & Stacey from Caringbah NSW

“As a small business, it has been a painless experience dealing with eFinance Home Loans. The staff demonstrate flexibility, professionalism, experienced business knowledge and prompt reliable service in the delivery of financial requirements. The personal attention and commitment to the customer are hallmarks of this business. I fully endorse eFinance Home Loans for your business”

Business Owner from Miranda NSW

“We have had the great pleasure of working with eFinance Home Loans with the recent refinance for our home and our new office purchase. It was a journey to get to the finish line but eFinance Home Loans were there all the way to support and assist with all the documentation. We had some delays along the way but true to there professional approach no task or issue was a problem that they could not overcome. The savings we secured with eFinance Home Loans meant that we not only saved money but we were able to purchase another office and not incur any increase in our monthly costs. A great result that has allowed us to expand due to the reduced rates we now pay on our mortgages.

They will go that extra mile for you and more and was always available 24×7. We highly recommend there services.”

Damien & Deborah from Mossvale NSW

We found eFinance Home Loans totally professional and found them to understand our objectives of purchasing a difficult commercial transaction. They knew exactly how to structure and advise us on our finance application. In no time we had approval and an exchanged contract on our property purchase. We highly recommend eFinance Home Loans and are looking for a commercial complex loan. Thank you “

James & Elina from Wollongong NSW

” eFinance Home Loans Broker went over and above to find me my first home loan with the best rate . They also found me a good deal for building insurance to have my property insured. eFinance Home Loans were found to be very professional and guided me every step of the way to ensure I understood everything to the finest detail. 10/10 for the great service and communication. My enquiries no matter how complex, were always answered in a timely manner. I have recommended eFinance Home Loans to my sister who is currently liaising with there team to find her next perfect Home Loan . I will definitely be coming back for my next property loan . Thank you “

Tom from Blair Athol NSW

“My eFinance Home Loans Broker was a recommendation to me from my older brother and now I am passing my eFinance Home Loans Broker details onto my other family members and friends.  

He made the most difficult of situations the easiest for me, so much so that I had cancelled with my previous broker. I am now the most happiest customer, I have found a diamond of a property in Sydney which I did not think I could afford, but my eFinance Home Loans Broker made all of the magic happen for me. Always going above and beyond – I am super grateful for all of the hard work, efforts, regular emails and phone calls. WOW is all I can say . ”

Melissa from Waterloo NSW

Loan 1 – ” Our eFinance Home Loans Broker helped us to find the best home loan structure when we were searching around for the best rate to refinance our home loan and consolidation of our debts.  As a client, you need to be able to rely on someone you can trust to be able to present all the options available and give you the right information to make the right decisions. Our eFinance Home Loans Broker was efficient, kind and patient, very clear with communications and was able to answer all our questions confidently with there extensive experience and knowledge.  They provided us with guidance to find the best products and solutions to help us save money and strategies to pay off our home loan sooner. “

Loan 2 – ” We see our eFinance Home Loans Finance Broker as not only our Mortgage Broker but also as a trusted friend, mentor and educator.  They tried there best to look for the best rate to save money. They spent so many hours on the phone and in person when we applied to refinance our car loan, educated us and explained how to manage our finances to help pay off our debt early via Debt Reduction Strategies concepts . They made us feel that we can call them anytime for clarification if we were unsure of anything. “

Loan 3 – ” We feel so lucky to have dealt with eFinance Home Loans , they have access to different reputable builders within Australia and were able to helped us find a suitable investment property with excellent rental returns that can service both our car loan and investment loan. Our eFinance Home Loans Broker’s honesty and constant contact updating us on the progress of the application has given us confidence that we are dealing with a good and experienced Broker.  Everything was handled quickly and professionally, our broker assisted us from the initial application, liaising with the property managers, final settlement and up to when the tenant moved in to our rental property. “

” Our eFinance Home Loans Broker helped us set up a good financial future for my family. There advice, knowledge, expertise and help throughout the process has made the whole ordeal very painless and easy. We are now in a better cash flow position and able to make some dreams come true to afford our first Investment property , in addition to our family home. We are extremely satisfied with eFinance Home Loans service commitment and dedication . We can confidently say that they exceeded our expectations. We would definitely recommend eFinance Home Loans service to my family and friends. “

Ramon & Eden from Dundas Valley NSW